Pisces Man Predictions for July 2023 

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Monthly June predictions for your Pisces man. What will his mood be for the season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, I hope you’re all getting on well and enjoying 2023! I do hope that you have been enjoying the readings for your man, do remember we also have a guide, or booklet, that covers the whole year for each star sign, including, of course, Pisces man.

So without any further ado, let’s have a little peak and see what will be happening with Pisces Guy in July.

This month is rather interesting because the themes are balance and mutual respect in existing relationships, but also passion in new relationships.

The important thing right now in relationships is the chemistry and the physical attraction you share, and in any new relationships, where you feel it’s staying in the friend zone or it’s a little bit tepid, you will have to stop pussyfooting around, ask yourself and Pisces Guy some questions and reconsider how you really feel about each other.

However, if you’re in a committed relationship, everything will reach a crescendo, where there’s a heightened level of excitement and anticipation or butterflies, and where you are obviously really hot for each other. You will know that the relationship is thriving if it’s buzzing.

Now don’t be put off if there are any arguments right now, that’s part and parcel of the heightened tempo, and this could actually serve to strengthen the relationship by bringing out a lot of truth and helping the relationship to evolve.

Mars enters Virgo on the 11th

Mars is going into Virgo, which represents his solar seventh house. This is an excellent time to get relationships moving, so if there have been any stalemates or sense that the relationship has withered or is in the doldrums, now is the time to breathe life into it. This is a wonderful time for you both to be tackling the problems that you face together by forming a strong united front.

You guys should be moving your life forward, getting beyond hurdles and feeling confident in your ability to thrive as a team.

Good relationships feel more alive right now; there’s more sharing, you’re both more inclined to speak your mind and this is an excellent time for clearing the air and for doing positive, proactive things together.

This is a fabulous time for those of you who enjoy the outdoors and being physically active because you can enjoy doing sports as a team or with your friends, and this also helps you bond.

Mercury enters Leo on the 12th July

This is an interesting time for his work, he may be a lot more involved in training colleagues or learning new skills himself. It’s also a good time for him to explore options, and while he may not necessarily want to change career, there may be more options than he realizes, i.e. scope for either promotion or doing something slightly different and more interesting within his work.

He’s generally more curious right now and more likely to ask questions, and that’s a good thing because it can mean he’s more likely to find opportunities, to find new clients and to find better ways to help his clients. So, it’s important for him to be ingenious and creative about the way he goes about his work and not to settle for following the tried and tested methods because there’s always a new and better way.

New Moon in Cancer on the 17th July

This is one of the best times of the year for new romances or igniting romance when it comes to Pisces Guy. So whether you’ve recently started dating, are still in the friend zone with him or are possibly married, in any of these scenarios, it’s important for you guys to go out and to put yourselves in situations where romance can really blossom.

So it’s good to be doing creative and cultural activities or hanging out with your good friends, but you shouldn’t do any activities where you are inclined to get drawn into tangents with other people, because you don’t want to dilute the focus on each other.

Now while this is a good time for romance, new relations ships are not necessarily stable, they’re in a state of flux, and there’s a sense that you don’t quite know what is going to happen next. This is quite exciting, but it also keeps you on your toes and stops you from being complacent.

In terms of your Pisces Guy, if he treasures himself and he values his own talents and abilities, he’s far more likely to be able to express his romantic yearnings and passions in positive ways. However, if you find that he is disinclined to romance or is being very non-committal, this means that he’s experiencing a lot of self-doubt and is questioning himself.

So often, his behavior in romance will tell you a lot about where he is at in terms of his own psychology. The more he loves himself and holds himself in high esteem, the more he’s able to treat you with respect and take your romance forward in a positive way.

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Venus goes Retrograde in Leo on the 23rd of July

Venus retrograde is definitely a sign that as the month draws to an end, it’s important for him to address balance. Now this can be quite an indulgent time for Pisces Guy, and he’s likely to neglect his health and fall into bad habits. So one of the key problems with Venus retrograde in Leo is low impulse control and a desire to reward himself in ways that are not entirely positive, so this sometimes leads to some risk-taking and impulse of behavior, in particular self-indulgence.

Theme of the month – One of the themes this month is finding himself through other people. Positive interactions with either colleagues, work associates or within his romance feed greatly into his confidence and self-esteem, and there’s an upward spiral in terms of his positivity and happiness in life.

This is a time when he can feel extremely happy and fulfilled, but on the other hand, if he gets negative feedback, this can quickly reinforce any prevailing doubts he has about himself and can cause him to be a little bit insincere, fake or even stressed out.

Magic Phrase“I know you can do anything you put your heart into.”

Magic Text “As long as we have our love, the next steps will always be revealed.”

Do – The New Moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, and being proactive.

The waxing phase is great for promotional activities, competitive goals, higher education, publishing and team leadership. It’s perfect for planning an important holiday. This phase is suitable for publishing and advertising. His community goals and social work are favored. Long-distance travel is also favored.

A good time for him to get advice on health matters or for him seeking support in losing weight and improving his health, not a good time for fad diets, shreds or major changes in exercise routines. It’s a time to focus on organization, minimalism, good routines and admin.

Avoid – This is not a good time for him making a job move or starting an apprenticeship.

This is not the best period for networking and professional events. Joining new groups and organizations, especially political ones, is not favored. Caution is needed in social media activities.

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Week One – Emotion Sharing

It’s important in your relationship to have a heart-felt exchange of emotions, and that is your gift, as sometimes Pisces guy can be a little bit reticent or vague, but this is a time for you to express yourself clearly and forthrightly and encourage him to do the same.

This is also a great time for a marriage proposal or getting engaged because this month is all about taking action and not being passive in your relationship. So, July is about thinking about your desires, what makes you happy and excited, and going for it. The message in relationships right now is: do it now, why wait, seize the day and get moving.

If you are already married, this is an ideal time to kick-start a new phase in the relationship and to be considerate of each other’s needs but not shy to express your desires. This shouldn’t be a time when you are necessarily compromising, it’s a time when you should expect more out of life, out of yourselves and out of the relationship, and you shouldn’t be scared to push things on and to have big expectations.

Week Two – Embrace Variety

It’s important for you to be a team player in terms of love, be nurturing and caring, but also be focused. The key in your relationship with Pisces man is not to go the whole hog on tough love, but at the same time, don’t be too conciliatory and diplomatic. Thus what’s important right now in relationships is honesty, getting a grip of things, and sometimes there needs to be some harsh words, which is why I say some arguments can be quite creative.

Always remember that there can be a win-win solution, so whatever the situation, whatever you guys are facing as a couple, with a little bit of creativity, you can both be winners. Be kind, be thoughtful and remember to let Pisces Guy know how special he is to you and that you believe in him, but also that you think he could be more ambitious and tenacious.

This month suits the part of his personality that loves variety because he needs to be a Jack of all trades, and it’s a great time for him to use some skills that he hasn’t used before, especially relating to educating people. He’s great when he helps others, and he feels valued in terms of the work or effort he’s putting into projects with others.

Week Three – Time for Reassessing

This is the week in which he’s most likely to experience setbacks, it’s important to encourage him and to give him a little bit of a pep talk. It’s important for him to be really determined and stick at things because this is a month of tackling hurdles with ferocity and energy.

This is no time to back off simply because things are difficult; it’s simply a time of reassessing, firming up his strategy and keeping forward momentum. So whether he is finding things difficult personally, or you as a couple are facing some hurdles in terms of trying to get agreement, stick at it, don’t give up and remember to take things systematically and methodically, as that is the way through.

This is often a time of rebalancing in relationships, all relationships need work, and they need a combination of boundaries with compassion and acceptance. Thus the keywords for this week are being constructive, showing self-control and being a supportive partner without being a sycophant.

There are no easy ways out right now, so don’t take shortcuts or use insincerity to mask problems.

Week Four – Focus on Creativity

During this time, it’s important for him to use his creativity to release tension. He may be feeling a weight of expectation upon him, this is a time when obligations weigh heavy, and he can feel that he is a little bit stretched thin. He may feel that some people have become overly reliant on him, and he’s almost caught between a rock and a hard place.

He does need to find some time for relaxation and solitude in order for him to navigate a path forward because he’s probably bitten off more than he can chew, and it’s time to find his way back to a sense of perspective and normality.

In terms of his colleagues or his work life, it’s very important for him not to do more than is required. Sometimes this month, he falls into the trap of overdelivering, and it can be a hard trap to get out of. So while we have talked about him forming habits, one of the habits is assisting or giving comfort to colleagues, and that is hard to draw back on because it creates a dependency on him, and it’s important for him to address that before it becomes a problem.


There is an increased amount of romantic interaction, the mutual attraction you share is enhanced, and it’s easier for you to come together and share meaningful affection and depth of feeling.

After July, you can emerge stronger, more self-aware, and emotionally empowered as a couple.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Pisces Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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