Pisces Man Predictions for August 2023 

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
Monthly August predictions for your Pisces man. What will his mood be for the season? Read on and discover.

Hello my Sweethearts, Happy August and welcome to the reading for Pisces man.

We are really happy to have you here again and we trust you’ve been enjoying the monthly readings and finding them really helpful in navigating your romance or marriage with Pisces Guy. As we all know, Pisces is an elusive character, he’s hard to figure out and it can be rather opaque, so it’s great to get an extra read on him.

This month there’s a New Moon in Leo conjunct Venus which is retrograde in Leo for the entire month. We also have Mercury going retrograde at the end of the month which can definitely complicate relationship communication.

The New Moon in Leo is really excellent for new diets, health kicks, and taking his health and fitness into hand. It’s a wonderful time for him to think holistically about achieving work-life balance and restoring a positive emotional connection with his work. This is a good time for him to review his whole relationship to colleagues and work and to understand whether it’s healthy or toxic.

Venus retrograde in Leo can also mean a tricky time for relationships at the office, so these are best avoided. Even if you and Pisces Guy work together, you will have to manage your relationship more carefully, particularly in light of the attitudes and behaviors of colleagues and your boss. Sometimes issues that you differ on at work can actually drive a wedge between you, so this is a more challenging terrain for workplace romance.

Mercury going retrograde in Virgo is a time of intense communication and some disagreement in relationships but this can be very creative period for communicating if you are mindful.

Venus retrograde in Leo – all of August

With Venus retrograde in Leo, love is all about doing practical and thoughtful things for each other. Sometimes love is about romance and love letters, and sometimes it’s just about the level of effort you’re willing to put in. Thus the way for you to show Pisces Guy that you care about him and you respect him, is to do the things that he likes in terms of practical caring and nurturing attitude.

It’s important to understand his priorities, what’s most on his mind and what he most needs this month and then to give him that. What you don’t want to be doing is putting pressure on him to do activities that you may feel are romantic or affectionate, but which he feels jar with his state of mind. So it’s all about understanding, being perceptive and also communicating about what exactly it is that really rings his bells right now, and then trying to coordinate your activities in terms of love.

It’s also important not to be complicated, less is more and sometimes this is a good time of year to remember that the best things in life really are free, simple things work and so does spontaneity. So this is definitely not a time for convoluted gestures of romance or for getting drawn down blind alleys of emotional angst, it’s quite important to be emotionally economical and to focus on what’s at hand.

New Moon in Leo – 16th August

This is a time when practicality counts, Pisces Guy needs someone in his life who is very down to earth and keeps him grounded, so it’s important for you to be the sensible one.

It may also be necessary for you to be a good timekeeper and an organizer and while it doesn’t sound very exciting, sometimes being more methodical and drawing up time tables and keeping to diaries is actually a good way to keep love relations going.

Mars in Virgo opposite Neptune – 23rd August

This can actually be quite a tricky and deflating transit for Pisces Guy, he is more likely to feel demoralized and he can sometimes feel a little bit down on his luck.

Right now in relationships, he’s also prone to creating self-fulfilling prophecies, so if he has it in his head that partners always cheat on him, then he’s likely to either encourage you to flirt with other people simply because you feel he doesn’t trust you anyway or he doesn’t believe you, even when you haven’t been.

His level of trust is fragile, but this is usually because of his own paranoia. The key to understanding is that he just isn’t thinking clearly, that’s why you have to be extremely straightforward with him, you almost have to be overly transparent because his mind tends to run or riot.

One positive way to use this energy is via the fantasy element, as what he does really like now is a little bit of roll pay, dressing up and doing things in the bedroom that are a little bit adventurous. So it should still be something that’s tender and romantic, but it should help him to express parts of his personality that are a little bit more theatrical and kooky. So encourage him to express that rather eccentric Pisces side and let him know you love that side of him.

Remember to be supportive and don’t be critical because he’s a bit fragile.

Mercury retrograde in Virgo – 24th August

With Mercury retrograde, things this month can get quite hectic and intense, so the more organized you are and more you both understand each other’s work agenda or expectations of one another, the easier it is to stay away from tricky territory of bickering and arguing.

Work-life balance is absolutely essential to love, the more you consider your work-life balance and make an effort to get enough sleep and to eat nutritious clean foods, the more you can work on reducing your stress level and this feeds into a better relationship simply because you can be more mindful and less distracted.

Theme of the month – The theme this month is achieving better emotional and physical health, it’s time for him to be holistic and that includes avoiding all toxic influences. Now the toxicity in his life is often coming through work, possibly overwork, through food, and through other people, so it’s important for you guys as a couple to identify the influences in your life that are dragging you down or depleting you so that you can improve your relationship.

It’s also a good time to focus on each other rather than on distractions.

Magic Phrase – “We are changing all that’s gone before.”

Magic Text – “Nobody loves you like I do.”

Do – The new moon phase extends from the 16th of August to the 30th of August – this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive. A good waxing period for romantic activities and dates. Double dating and social events are successful. Great for his competitive and sporting ventures. Perfect for careers involving creativity and problem-solving. Good for activities with young people and children.

This waxing phase is good for him learning, exams and writing or journalistic projects. Short getaways are favored. IT projects, sales and marketing are successful. Teaching initiatives as well as training others is successful.

Avoid – The waxing phase is not ideal for getting married or engaged and new business partnerships are also not favored. Any legal negotiations and legal affairs are likely to go nowhere if initiated now.

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Week 1 – The romantic getaway

Week one is the more assertive and confident week, Pisces Guy is more likely to initiate in terms of love and romance and if you are in a new relationship he might want to surprise you or even take you on a romantic trip.

If you chatting online, he’s more likely to want to meet in person, so he is in quite a proactive mood.

If you guys are married he’s likely to feel quite confident and happy and this is a great time to have fun. This is probably a better week for a short trip away, it’s perfectly suitable for locations that are not too far flung, so seaside breaks and more mountain getaways are absolutely perfect. This is an excellent time for you and Pisces guy to seek adventure, to be in the outdoors and to cast off the worries of adult life and have some fun.

Week 2 – Cool Cucumber

Now week two is one in which he’s more likely to experience some stress and tension. Things could be quite chaotic in your lives, it’s likely that issues to do with child care, your work situations, or close relatives are causing some upheaval.

From neighbors to family members, there can be unexpected issues, conflicts, and disruption, so it’s important for you guys not only things get on top of you. What’s essential right now in love is both of you having boundaries, you don’t need to let other people’s problems or outside influences make you guys unhappy.

If your relationship is fundamentally strong, that’s what you need to focus on. It’s easy to lose control and to argue but you’re probably just doing that because other people are setting you against one another. So it’s okay to disagree, but remember to be constructive and it’s also important to keep a cool head while other people seem to be losing theirs.

Week 3 – Chill Pill

One of the most important things in week 3 is the ability for you both to relax when you’re together. It’s important to create a sanctuary of calm in your home and in the relationship.

It’s a really busy time and even if you’re on holiday it can still feel quite stressful because it’s a very unpredictable time in Pisces Guy’s life. This is also a period where a lot of things are up in the air, so it’s important not to jump the gun, wait for more information to emerge, and just stay mindful and in the moment.

It’s very important now for you both not to get ahead of yourselves, take things as they come and work through them systematically.

Week 4 – Haggling

With Mercury going retrograde in Virgo, it’s very important to communicate with purpose try not to have frivolous or needless conversations. When something is important, talk about it, but if something doesn’t need to be said, don’t say it.

This is an absolutely vital time to count to ten l, once things are said in anger they can’t be taken back so be kind and be rational and consistent in your communication.

Do your best to be as straightforward as possible and to clear up any misunderstandings or discrepancies.

With Mars entering Libra, this can be a time when you guys clash over financial issues. It’s important to have clear goals and establish some budgets and guidelines so that you can get onto the same page. If you guys have very different priorities you are more likely to feel at odds about spending, but if you’re generally aligned, you can come to agreements, even if it’s a little bit difficult.

The message for both of you right now is: choose your advisors with care, not everyone is what they seem, so be careful of people who are wolves in sheep’s clothing and always trust your gut instincts.


This week the manner in which you both cope with stressful situations can be make or break. If you allow yourselves to get heated, over tired and flustered then the relationship can feel quite chaotic and unfulfilling and you can be at odds constantly.

However, if you guys both make an effort to take a step back, find a place of calm and then deal with things in a reasonable way, things can proceed smoothly. Be careful as Pisces Guy can, at times this month, be a little tender or paranoid.

He’s more likely to be worried about things and highly strung, so you need to reassure him and let him find a safe space of love acceptance, and tolerance in the relationship.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Pisces Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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