How To Attract A Pisces Man In December 2020

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Pisces man in December 2020? Draw the attention of a Pisces man or improve your relationship with one in December!

Every month the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, you may not always understand the needs and desires of the Pisces Man. 

However, there are simple things that you can do based on the monthly energy to improve your relationship with the Pisces Man. Find out how to attract a Pisces Man in December 2020.

Attracting A Pisces Man In December 2020

1. Be Open-Minded About The Future

If you asked a Pisces man what he wanted out of a relationship in December 2020, he would probably respond, “I don’t know and I don’t care. I’m just going with the flow.”

Although this may seem like a nonchalant response, this is actually a healthy romantic approach for the Pisces man. 

Too often the Pisces man gets lost in the fairytale love stories, choosing someone who cannot reciprocate his unconditional love. 

However, from December 1 until December 21, the adventurous Sun in Sagittarius will highlight the Pisces man’s tenth house of commitment and public reputation. 

During Sagittarius season, notice inspired and ambitious the Pisces man becomes. He is more focused than ever before on securing a career or revenue stream that supports his loose (dream) lifestyle. 

When the Sun is in Sagittarius, the Pisces man is most attracted to the woman who knows what she wants for herself, but isn’t obsessed with achieving it. 

Rather than working all the time, he wants someone open-minded. He wants someone who values freedom just as much as they value stability. 

If looking for ways to engage with the Pisces man and build a connection in December, focus on creating vision boards and strategic plans on how you can liberate your future, together.

Let the Pisces man know that no matter how uncertain things may seem, you will always be on his team.

2. Explore New Ways To Express Love And Affection

Attracting A Pisces Man In December 2020

When it comes to love and relationships for the Pisces man in December, you may want to prepare for a month of intimacy and affection.

This is because from December 1 until December 15, Venus, the planet of love and relationships will transit through his ninth house of exploration and expansion in Sagittarius. 

Because Venus in impulsive Sagittarius encourages the Pisces man to loosen up and live outside his box, the Pisces man is most attracted to the woman who is fiery and passionate. 

During this transit, the Pisces man wants someone eccentric and erotic. Someone who isn’t afraid to put on a show and please him infinitely when it’s time to make love. 

Rather than feeling overwhelmed by the emotional intensity of Venus in Scorpio, Pisces’s adaptable water spirit absorbs it, excited to journey the depths of your soul and discover new ways to love.

If looking for ways to strengthen your attraction with the Pisces man this month, take him for a ride on your wild side. 

Break down the walls and show him who you are underneath your fears and inhibitions. The Pisces man wants a woman in December who is ready to bare her soul.

3. Be Playful 

With the intensity of Sagittarius season heating up and Venus in Scorpio encouraging him to strut his stuff, December 2020 is a sexy month for the sensual Pisces man. 

However, things soften and sweeten up on December 29 when the Cancer Full Moon highlights his fifth house of children, romance, and personal interests. 

When the Moon renews itself in his fifth house of Cancer on December 29, the Pisces man will be feeling very nostalgic. 

During this transit, he may come across more playful and childlike. No matter what is going on in his life, he will find the most joy when he makes others smile.

If looking to attract the Pisces man in December, do something special for him around the Cancer Full Moon.

If possible, take a road trip or do something that gets him away from home and into a new environment. Someplace quiet and warm where he can get lost in joyful activities that help him dissolve stress. 

During the December 29 Full Moon, encourage him to relax by playing and having fun. He needs to give his thinking mind a break and give his inner child the freedom it deserves. 

By doing this, you remind the Pisces man that rest is creative and sometimes creating means getting extra rest. 

Although it may seem silly to spend a weekend engaged in childhood favorites, you are giving the Pisces man a romantic experience he will never forget. 

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Final Thoughts

Overall, if you want to attract a Pisces man in December 2020, keep an open mind and stay flexible when planning for the future, look for new ways to give affection and share your love, make time for play and remind him what it feels like to relax and enjoy life! 

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