How To Attract A Pisces Man In April 2021

by Anna Kovach Astrologer, relationship astrologer
How to attract a Pisces man in April 2021? Draw the attention of an Pisces man or improve your relationship with one in April!

Pisces is in Aries season, and this is quite a contrast to his birthday month (Pisces season) previously. Overall, the Pisces man is in a very reflective and somewhat introverted space. He’s feeling contemplative and soulful, yet his emotions are amplified. All of him is amplified, actually – his spiritual self, intellectual mind, imagination, and senses and instincts are on high alert while being down-to-earth, simultaneously. Peace and serenity are on the forefront of this man’s mind, but this doesn’t mean he’s not up for some excitement!

How To Attract A Pisces Man In April 2021

1. Be Mindful Of His Emotions

Attracting A Pisces Man In April 2021

First and foremost, it is Aries season, and Aries and Pisces aren’t all too compatible. He appreciates an emotionally balanced and soulful partner as opposed to someone overly loud or gregarious. 

It can be easy to offend him if you’re not naturally compatible, and sometimes you may not even realize why. It’s just a difference in fundamental wiring. The Pisces man is sensitive and empathic. He’s considerate and courteous too, he believes in respect and respecting people’s feelings and beliefs.

This isn’t suggesting you can’t have a laugh with him, the Pisces man can be extremely funny! Both goofy and fabulously witty, in fact… No, what I’m suggesting is if you want to make things work and form a bond that can last, be mindful of his heart. He is a sensitive soul despite how strong and charismatic he tries to make himself out to be. 

There’s a tendency in Aries season to fall prey to some of the Aries shadow traits. These, of course, include impatience, aggression, insensitivity and selfishness, narcissistic personality displays too. Aries is very competitive and self-centered. 

If you want a harmonious relationship, start by forming a connection based on mutual respect, sincerity, and “Zen vibes.” Be considerate and try not to blurt things out or be overly zealous. 

2. Don’t Be Too Forward

Life involves give and take – a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Sometimes a perfect balance is called for: action and receptivity, yang and yin, etc. April is very fiery and can be quite overpowering for the Pisces man. 

He has a tendency to withdraw, to become shy and reserved, or simply reject any “overly-aggressive” and dominant displays of affection, or attention. Don’t be overpowering. Mind your mouth, and the way you project yourself. Self-image is everything this month. 

In saying this, he’s craving a bit of excitement. A lot of balance will be needed this month to find the right flow and harmony. If you can manage it and you succeed, you will find a very open and honest man with a lot of stories and wisdom to share himself! 

You can channel the energy of April in a positive way to excite him and “turn him on” – literally and energetically. Stir his emotions and activate his love of life, music, glamour and social connection.

3. Master Your Communication

Tips For Attracting A Pisces Man In April

Aries season makes this man connect more to his mind, mental abilities, and intellectual skills. He is thinking about the way he thinks, speaks, and engages in communication; self-talk and the conversations with others. 

Mastering communication and making a conscious effort to ask questions, hold space, listen, and everything above and in between is essential this month. It’s all about communication as an art

Remember that the Pisces man is extremely artistic and gifted, even if he doesn’t show it. He has many creative talents. His imagination is fine-tuned too, it’s incredibly advanced and evolved. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of dreams, spirituality, the imagination, instincts and psychic gifts. The words you use should be deliberate and intentional. Aries season can make us brash, egotistical, or come across as arrogant when we think we’re communicating. This happens when we think before we speak, or when we don’t slow down

By all means, share your truth and greatness. You shouldn’t have to shy away from the spotlight or your unique strengths, as Pisces loves uniqueness and individuality. Just be mindful of how you come cross with the way you speak. One wrong move this month and you could love his attention forever… or have to spend a long time winning it back!

4. Project Serenity

All in all, the Pisces man will appreciate some peace this month. All the fiery and intense energy is making him feel a bit giddy – anxious even. Serenity and laid-back, calming auras and vibes are needed. Showing you can stay calm through any storm will instantly gain his attention. It will also gain his respect, allowing you to be seen as laid-back and down-to-earth – two qualities he loves!

The same advice has been given for attracting the Aquarius man this month… be the change you wish to see. If you want a harmonious and peaceful relationship, be peaceful and inner harmony aligned. If you desire wisdom, a mature outlook, and a Zen-like connection, then form a bond based on this foundation. 

Start the relationship or connection how you wish to play out. You don’t need to give into the impulsive and fiery energy of the month (Aries) if this isn’t true to your nature. You’re free to be your true self and reflect, or mirror, the qualities you seek. The Pisces man loves peace and tranquility, therefore let it flow. 

Just because it’s Aries season, it doesn’t mean you should have to go crazy with forced enthusiasm or the drama of the month’s collective energy!

5. Treat Him As An Equal

Usually, Pisces is kind of turned on by inequality. It’s weird, I know, but being so self-sacrificing and submissive in nature means he enjoys a bit of imbalance. He’s balanced enough within and knows himself, so he doesn’t need power plays or ego struggles. He lives life with a profound sense of inner harmony… But Aries season signifies self-assertion, empowerment, and stepping into self-leadership.

This means he’s feeling more spiritually attuned, and with this comes an innate desire to overcome any lingering shadow tendencies. Self-sacrifice is a Pisces shadow trait! Thus, treat him as an equal, peer, and with equality and care. Respect his boundaries, honor his emotions, and be mindful of his sensitivities and beliefs/philosophies. 

His identity and self-worth are tied into his self-image which includes the connections he keeps. The Pisces man won’t like to admit it – he gives off the impression that he is a “lone wolf until the day I die,” but this isn’t the whole truth. 

His reality is built from emotional bonds and connection. This man loves intimacy, platonic and romantic, and if he doesn’t have it his self-esteem starts to diminish. As much as he would love to play out his fantasies and indulge in the weird-type-of-spiritual-high inequality provides, this is not helpful to his other dual personality: a long-term relationship. And, for a relationship with longevity there needs to be harmony. Don’t let him be the fool forever. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

There’s a New Moon in Aries on the 12th, which is a great time for going after what you want. Balance action with a more humble and down-to-earth approach. Be assertive and self-igniting but do it in a relaxed and modest way. Project peace to make it work with the Pisces man in April. 

There’s a Full Moon in fellow water sign Scorpio too, and this occurs on the 27th. Combined with it being Taurus season (20th onwards), the end of the month is the perfect time to connect to your and his romantic and sensual side, if this is what you resonate with! 

Remember you can look to the Pisces Man Secrets to understand this enigmatic merman more. 

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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